Wendel’s Illustrated History of the Steam Locomotive

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Description: You have never seen a book like this on the steam locomotive. It measures 11 inches high and spreads out to 35 and a half inches. It covers steam locomotives up to the 1940’s. Most of the images before 1900 are from original wood engravings and have fantastic detail. A few foreign locomotives are included for comparison, but most are of American origin. Detailed captions accompany each illustration and denote various details such as steam pressure, track gage and other details of construction. Also included is information on the French built Corliss locomotive. Numerous examples illustrate the Brooks,Strong, Rogers, Baldwin , the Shay plus many more. Printed on high quality Sterling paper, the illustrations nearly come alive. 208 pages, 11 by 17, with a special lay-flat binding, this book weight 7 pounds!