The Illustrated History of the Steam Locomotive

About fifty years ago the Author discovered a complete run of Engineering Magazine. It was published in London beginning in 1866. In our various historical works over the years we have made frequent reference to these...

The Circular Sawmill 2nd Edition

The Circular Sawmill first published in 1989 provides historical background of the sawmill. Research materials included in the book come from collections of sawmill catalogs which contributed illustrations illustrations and specifications of circular sawmills...

C.H. Wendel

1939-2019: View Obituary

C.H. Wendel was enamored of gas engines, tractors and steam engines since childhood when his grandfather gave him with a book of how to run a steam engine. Later when he got his copy of the 1908 edition of Hiscox’ Gas, Gasoline & Oil Engines he was hooked. His American Gas Engines Since 1872 is still in demand and can never be duplicated as most of the research he used to write the book is no longer available.