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Introduction To Our Biography

by admin_drjudy | Published March 1, 2020

I intend to tell two stories as I chronical the life of C. H. Wendel. I spent the last seven years with him as his loving wife. Six years I was his wife and care taker. During this time ,we were rarely if ever apart, especially after the stroke that confined him to a wheel chair and left him basically unable to stand, use his hands or care for himself.

In organizing my work, I kept telling myself that this was to be a book about Chuck. But as started to write, I realized that the last seven years was also the story of our relationship and the challenges of being a caretaker for the man I loved who could do little for himself. So I am beginning this book with my memories of our time together, and will include much of what he shared with me about his life and work. There were many, many stories he told about his life that I will include, and with these I will include factual information I have gathered to tell his story.

I will first apologize for attempting to write the story of his life, as we only had seven years together, such a small percent of his eighty years. There are many details about him that I do not know, so I will rely on friends and his own writings to fill in the blanks. My second apology is to Chuck, who, if he were looking over my shoulder would remind me to keep it simple and be very sparing with the adjectives. His books all illustrate that he wrote for a particular audience with common interests. Since I am not sure who might be interested in reading about my obviously biased opinion of this unique and remarkable man, I will tell his story to the best of my ability and hope those who loved him and knew him will accept my efforts.

So on with the story. Trust me, you will find it funny, tragic and inspiring and hopefully entertaining.

Judith Wendel

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